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Samuel Kretschmer, Boobook Ecologist

Samuel Kretschmer

Samuel Kretschmer holds a Bachelor of Animal Science (Honours) from the University of Adelaide, where his Honours project focused on the decline of woodland avifauna in the Barossa Region. Although this is Sam’s first formal position as an ecologist post-graduation, he brings a wealth of field experience gained through his work as a farmhand and his extensive volunteering on numerous ecological projects. His volunteer work has included caring for bettongs, wombats, flying foxes, and venomous snakes, as well as assisting in various fauna surveys across different habitats.

While Sam’s main interest lies in birds, he is eager to expand his skills as a field naturalist by learning from the other experienced Boobook ecologists and tapping into their wealth of knowledge.
Favourite species and why
“I’m following a bit of a theme here (if it’s not already obvious), but I quite like birds. Coming in at number one for me, would have to be the Australian Bustard (Ardeotis australis). I admire their regal stride and the fact that they’re Australia’s heaviest bird capable of flight.”

Samuel's main areas of expertise

  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Field specimen collection and laboratory sorting
  • Data recording and field survey preparations
  • Reporting

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