Our team

Michael Cunningham, Boobook Senior Ecologist, out in the field at Nugget Hills

Michael Cunningham

Senior Ecologist
Michael is our resident academic.

With qualifications from the University of New England and The University of Queensland, Michael worked at three South African universities prior to joining the Boobook team.

Over his 25-year career, he has undertaken research across diverse topic areas: from the genetic diversity of rainforest frogs and lizards to the ecology and systematics of small vertebrates in the Cape Fold and Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.
Favourite species and why
“The Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk (Limnodynastes terraereginae). Its bright red flanks and resonant “boink” call live up to the promise of its name. The Latin name translates as “Lord of the Marshes, Queen of the Earth.”

Michael's main areas of expertise

Michael’s main areas of expertise are: 

  • Faunal identification
  • Field surveys and biodiversity inventory analyses
  • IUCN assessment of species conservation status
  • Tertiary level teaching and assessment
  • Public outreach talks and events
  • Molecular ecology and taxonomy
  • Statistics, data coding and research design
  • Scientific writing, presentation and publication.

What our clients say

The science of a shared world

Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.