Our team

Meryl Eddie, Boobook Business Manager, out in the field at Nugget Hills lookout

Meryl Eddie

Business Manager
Meryl is the driving force behind our business.

With vision, insatiable energy and an unswerving commitment to Boobook’s cause, Meryl is respected among peers and highly regarded in the local community.

Over 30 years, Meryl has built on her strong strategic planning and community engagement background, working for community groups, local and state government, large companies and in her own businesses.

She is a Board Member of the Outback Queensland Tourism Association and has chaired numerous community committees.
Favourite species and why
“The Boobook owl – adaptive and blending well into the environment, this is the smallest owl in Australia. Flying almost silently through the night sky, the Boobook Owl takes a bird’s eye view of the world, looking beyond the trees far into the forest searching and exploring for new opportunities. Also, you’ve got to love those big, bold eyes.”

Meryl's main areas of expertise

Meryl’s main areas of expertise are: 

  • Development of strategic planning documents
  • Facilitation of community workshops
  • Development/implementation of community programs and events
  • Rural property and business management
  • Financial planning and human resource management
  • Marketing
  • Safety management.

What our clients say

The science of a shared world

Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.