Weed surveys

Weed Surveys

Weeds pose a significant threat to biodiversity and to the ecological health of our region. 

They compete with native species for nutrients, water, sunlight and space and in doing so, reduce the abundance and biodiversity of native species and upset the balance of existing ecosystems.

At Boobook Ecological Consulting, we are highly skilled at detecting weeds, including: 

Rosamund Aisthorpe, botanist, conducts a weed survey, standing behind a cactus in a clearing with a hand-held device

Why conduct weed surveys

Weed surveys help us manage existing weeds and safeguard against the appearance of new ones. They are conducted for several reasons: 

Collating a baseline inventory of weeds can also be important in places where neighbouring activities like coal seam gas developments are present and could increase the risk of weeds entering your property.

Our approach

We provide tailored weed monitoring solutions to best suit the needs of our clients and partners. 

We can: 

Our experience

Thanks to their extensive experience, our team is adept at detecting and identifying weeds under all seasonal conditions, including when these are showing distinguishing features like flowers or fruit. 

We have conducted weed surveys across various sectors, including mining and agriculture, and are familiar with high-risk invasive species like parthenium and giant rat’s tail grass.

We have also surveyed weeds for: 

What our clients say

The science of a shared world

Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.