Protected plant flora surveys

Protected Plant Flora Surveys

What are protected plant flora surveys?

Protected plant flora surveys (PPFSs) are conducted to locate any critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, threatened or near threatened plants that may be present in a particular area. 

In conducting PPFSs, the Department of Environment and Science’s Flora Survey Guidelines – Protected Plants: Nature Conservation Act 1992. dictate:

Rose, the Boobook botanist, looks up and smiles while crouching down with a plant sample adding it to a collection folder
Gurulmundi Heath-myrtle (Calytrix gurulmundensis in family Myrtaceae)

As per these guidelines, protected plant surveys include a desktop assessment to determine which threatened flora may occur within the project area. In a desktop assessment, we:

Once the desktop assessment is complete, we conduct an in-depth field inspection. This commonly includes both timed meander surveys and plot-based surveys:

At Boobook Ecological Consulting, we are both qualified and experienced in conducting PPFSs. For examples of our work, visit our Insights page. 

Who needs to undertake protected plant flora surveys?

Queensland legislation requires land development proposals to acknowledge that protected plants may be present in the affected area. 

The agriculture sector is also captured by this legislation, and land owners whose land is classified as Category X under a PMAV are not necessarily exempt. 

If you are a landholder whose land falls within a mapped buffer around a known protected plant record – the ‘blue circle’ found on a Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Map – you will require a PPFS to be completed before any development can take place.

Looking up at the top of a Ooline tree (Cadellia pentastylis) in the family Surianaceae

How we can help

Boobook Ecological Consulting’s team of expert ecologists are approved and experienced in conducting PPFSs. 

We have spent decades searching for and identifying rare and threatened plants, from forest trees to tiny herbs. We have also worked with both commercial and private clients, predominantly on grazing lands where the landholder is proposing to control woody regrowth. 

To find out how we can help, contact us.

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