Resource industries

Resource industries

We believe our shared future is our shared responsibility.

That’s why at Boobook Ecological Consulting, we work with resource industry partners committed to building a better tomorrow.

As a sector which plays a vital role in the management of natural assets for humanity, the resource industry relies on expert ecological advice during planning and operational stages to ensure it meets and exceeds its environmental responsibilities and contributes positively to our communities. 

We collaborate and advise oil and gas, mining and renewables companies on environmental constraints and opportunities, helping them to ensure that they can minimise their impacts, maintain their licence to operate, meet regulatory requirements and retain support from communities. 

Craig Eddie from Boobook and a gas client discuss impact assessments at a gas well
Craig Eddie in a field with his back to us views the wind turbines in the distance at Dullacca

We do this by:

Regional Natural Resource Groups

Together with natural resource groups including the Queensland Murray Darling Committee, South West Natural Resource Management and Landcare groups, our team has:

Conducted biodiversity assessments on a range of land tenures including private reserves, stock routes, camping & water reserves

  • Identifying flora, fauna and regional ecosystem types/vegetation communities
  • Documenting wetlands and springs
  • Developing management recommendations
  • Reporting on and mapping findings to assist with property management and project funding

Conducted shire biodiversity audits, including:

  • Audits of the biodiversity values of camping and water reserves, stock routes and shire roads to identify ecosystems, wetlands, pests and fauna/flora values as well as providing a snapshot of the area’s current condition

Prepared threatened fauna/flora surveys, including:

  • Targeted surveys for threatened species
  • Habitat and likelihood of occurrence assessments

Created interpretative materials, including:

  • Text and photographs for interpretative signage
  • Booklets, posters and brochures

Prepared maps, such as:

  • Property maps showing roads, tracks, trails, fence lines, dams, bores, stock yards and other property infrastructure
  • Maps showing an inventory of features, assets and areas of high conservation value

Contributed to educational field days, by:

  • Giving presentations relating to flora, fauna, vegetation communities and biodiversity management


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Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.