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Sharing knowledge

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, because we know knowledge is most powerful when shared.

We believe in leaving a legacy, because our work today affects more than our current generation.

And we are committed to unlocking people’s capacity to be agents of change, for when they better understand the world around them, they’ll be better equipped to know what it needs.

Our publications

Our founder and Principal Ecologist Craig Eddie’s 2007 book, the 326-page Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs of Eastern Queensland Oil and Gas Fields is a detailed yet simple to use introduction to 139 trees and shrubs within gas and oil fields in the region, and is our most popular and well-known publication.

Other publications compiled by our talented and creative team include:

Our images

Our natural surroundings provide no shortage of fascinating photo motifs.

Boobook Ecological Consulting’s photography has been featured in books and magazines, on websites and digital applications. These include Wildlife Australia, Rainforest Plants of Australia, Brigalow Birds and CSIRO’s Queensland Threatened Animals.

We also produce our own annual calendar using spectacular images we have taken in the region throughout the year.

Boobook interpretive signage for Maranoa Regional Council

Contributions to interpretative signage

In partnership with Landcare Groups, shire councils and government departments, Boobook Ecological Consulting has provided content and imagery for interpretative signage along the Warrego and Carnarvon Highways, including Ooline Park near Mungallala and the Biggest Bottle Tree in Roma.

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The science of a shared world

Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.