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World-leading understanding of the Brigalow Belt and Mulga Lands environments

The team at Boobook Ecological Consulting are specialists in the Brigalow Belt and Mulga Lands bioregions.

The Brigalow Belt encompasses a wide band of Acacia harpophylla dominated woodlands that runs between Townsville in the north through the semi-arid interior of Queensland into northern New South Wales.

The Brigalow Belt is divided into a northern and southern section separated by the Carnarvon Range. The Southern Brigalow Belt incorporates the Surat Basin. The Northern Brigalow Belt includes the Bowen Basin coal-producing areas.

The Mulga Lands bioregion stretches from central Queensland to western New South Wales and is dominated by Acacia aneura communities.

Boobook’s area of expertise also includes the Carnarvon and Expedition Ranges along with areas within southeast, central and northern Queensland.

Built on vision and understanding

Meryl and Craig Eddie working in the field

Built on vision and understanding

Joint founders Craig Eddie and Meryl Eddie have lived and worked in the Brigalow Belt for decades.

Craig became an expert in the area with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service before establishing Boobook. He has attracted a reputation as the ‘David Attenborough’ of this region with a huge wealth of knowledge of the local flora and fauna, right down to the micro world of land snails and insect life.

Meryl Eddie also has a long history in the area, with experience at Landcare, in natural resources and in agriculture. For Craig and Meryl, Boobook Ecological Consulting is not just about a professional service but about protecting the natural biodiversity and economic health of the region they love.

Dedicated to protecting biodiversity

We understand the conflicting pressures of development in the region and the delicate balance of the ecosystems that sustain rare and threatened plant and animal populations. Our vision is to support a world where human development can thrive alongside the precious biodiversity that is the birthright of future generations.

Dedicated to protecting biodiversity

Rose, the Boobook botanist, looks up and smiles while crouching down with a plant sample adding it to a collection folder

Unique contributions to local knowledge

In the process of undertaking diverse projects and private research in the region, the Eddies and Boobook Ecological Consulting have added to scientific knowledge with important collections and publications. These include:

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The science of a shared world

Boobook Ecological Consulting has built its success on decades I first-hand knowledge of the natural ecosystems of the southern Queensland drylands combined with practical understanding of the complex pressures that impinge on Australia’s fragile environment.