The importance of ecology assessments

Michael and Craig bend down and sift through leaf litter as part of an assessment

We conduct ecology assessments to ground truth vegetation communities, classify their importance for habitat, identify potential project impacts and work with our clients to find management solutions.

Over the past decade, we have completed over 900 ecological assessments.

How are they conducted?

Biodiversity and condition assessments involve a desktop assessment and site inspection to identify ecological, biodiversity or conservation values at a particular site or project area.

The level of detail and scale of the assessment is project specific and can be undertaken for a small designated site, at the individual property scale, through to the landscape level (e.g. a local authority area, an entire mountain range or an environmental province).

Key values identified typically include:

  • Watercourses, lakes, springs and other wetlands
  • Remnant vegetation and regrowth
  • Threatened Ecological Communities
  • Threatened and other significant flora and fauna
  • Fauna habitat types and significant areas (e.g. caves, rock outcrops)
  • Landscape corridor values

These values are usually rated as to their significance at the local, regional, state, national and/or international scales. Management strategies to conserve biodiversity and ecological values are also provided.

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